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The Dance of Caring Book

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Give yourself or a caregiver you want to honor the gift of self-care.

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What People Are Saying

“In this beautiful and innovative work, the authors invite us to contemplate the timeless cycles of life by leading us through the Native American Hoop Dance. The stunning images , combined with beautiful prose and thoughtful reflections, invite health and healing practitioners to join the dance, sharing our common vision for a great healing of ourselves, our patients, and the system in which we work together.”

– Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, Cultural Anthropologist, Creator of Death Makes Life Possible with Deepak Chopra

This book is dedicated to individuals everywhere who make the choice to be caregivers.

May you stay strong
In your own being.

May we always be grateful
For your service to others.

In these pages we bring together the complex world of care giving and the power, beauty and wisdom transmitted in the sacred Native American Hoop Dance. We see how circles are used to tell stories of our life experiences, the expansion and contraction of energy and the ever-changing beauty and fluidity of life.

This work is inspired by our own journey, as a Registered Nurse, a Hoop Dancer and a devoted daughter, through illness and a recovery that is still unfolding. It is an invitation to caregivers to find ways to invest in their own inner harmony so they can move gracefully between giving and receiving and master The Dance of Caring.

“As a nurse, Kathy Douglas knows how important it is for caregivers to be ‘re-fueled’ from time to time as they are constantly giving to the rest of us. This book provides that nourishment that helps keep caregivers giving.”

– Bonnie Barns, Co-founder the DAISY Foundation

“The Dance of Caring, is a concise yet heartfelt look at caregiving, including its challenges and pitfalls. The book is beautifully illustrated. As the title describes, caregiving is a dance…a dance that is naturally choreographed through the heart of caregiver in conjunction with the specific needs of the person they are serving.”

– Greg Schneider, Founder & President, Hospice Volunteer Association